Corporate Announcements

Notice of BM to be held on 12 Nov ‘2020
Closure of Trading Window
Scrutinizer Report for 36th AGM
Outcome of 36th AGM
Notice of BM to be held on 11th September, 2020
Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy
Notice of Closure of Trading Window
Intimation of Appointment and Resignation of Director.
Intimation of Resignation of Reema Aggarwal
Intimation of Appointment of New Directors
Nomination and Remuneration Policy
Intimation of Board Meeting to be held on 12th August 2019
Intimation of Shifting of Registered Office Withing Local Limits of the Same City
Whistle Blower Policy
Code of practices and procedures for fair disclosure
Notice of BM

Voting Results & Scrutinizer’s Report of 34th AGM held on 25th September 2018
Intimation of resignation of the CFO
Notice of Board Meeting to be held on 09-Feb-2018
Summary of Proceedings of 34th AGM held on 25th September 2018
Intimation of Appointment of Company Secretary
Resignation of Company Secretary
Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace
Notice of Board Meeting
Proceedings of 33rd AGM of the Company
Voting Results and Scrutinizer’s Report
Notice of AGM and E-voting
Intimation of AGM and book closure
Intimation for appointment of CFO
Intimation of appointment of MD
Intimation of Resignation of Director- 22.06.2017
Intimation of Resignation of CFO
Notice of Adjournment of BM- 09.08.2017
Notice of Board Meeting to be held 09 August 2017
Notice of Adjournment of Board Meeting
Code of conduct for prevention of Insider Trading
Adjournment of Board Meeting
Board Meeting dt: 25-05-2017
Terms & conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors
Change in Directors dt: 24-01-2017
Change in Directors dt: 16-01-2017
Appointment of Directors dt: 13-01-2017
Policy on Related Party Transactions
Notice of Board Meeting 10th Feb 2017
Notice of Board Meeting 12th Nov 2016
Scrutinizer’s Report on E-voting & Poll at 32nd AGM
Notice of Board Meeting 10.08.2016
Aayush Newspaper Advertisement of BM
Preservation of Documents and Archival Policy
Code of Fair Disclosure of Unpublished Price
Code of Conduct
Notice of Board Meeting 12th Feb 2016
Policy on Determination of Materiality
Risk Management Policy
Notice of Postal Ballot
Scrutinizer’s Report
Vigil Mechanism Policy
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